Our Story

Growing Up

When did it become so difficult to find healthy food? We think back to our early days and our grandmother, Jolli. She was everything great you could hope for in a warm, southern grandma - an awesome cook whose whole body shook when she laughed. We knew when we walked in her kitchen, we could trust the food that she served. That doesn’t mean she didn’t make her famous fudge, but she was cooking us REAL food from whole ingredients that weren’t going to poison us over time. As adults, we've found ourselves eating out more, and with that, more "convenient," processed and restaurant-made meals. Finally, we said, “enough!”

Good Food for Busy People

We’re two brothers who have been building our careers on opposite sides of the country, New York City & Seattle. We work hard at the office and live a healthy, active lifestyle outside of it – two things that often don’t reconcile with one another. Frustrated by consistently having to make tradeoffs between healthy, convenient and cost-effective food choices, we are building Jolli, the recipe site you can shop. With a wide variety of options, on-demand availability (no subscriptions, thanks), and the timesaving conveniences of easy menu planning and home delivery, we hope Jolli will become a tool for you to eat more of the food YOU want, more easily.

Our Vision

Call us idealists, but given the technology at our collective
fingertips today, we want to make food
better in 3 major ways:

  1. Reduce the time it takes to plan, purchase and
    prepare healthy and delicious food
  2. Make it easier to choose whole and unprocessed
    foods that taste better and are better for us
  3. Shorten the distance food travels between it's
    source and your table

Our Beliefs

Simply put, when you cook at home, you eat healthier. Controlling what goes into your food and what ingredients you cook with makes you think about what you’re putting into your body. Another lesson our grandmother taught us, and that most good chefs already know, is that food doesn’t need to be unhealthy to be amazing. Cooking with high quality ingredients, spices and whole foods, not processed ones, fills your stomach and leaves you satisfied. Anything made with love tastes even better.

Our Decisions

We are real people who left good jobs because we see so
much room for improvement in today’s food system – one in which 40% of food produced in the US is thrown away each year. The environmental impacts of this are profound. At Jolli, we're constantly looking for ways to eliminate waste. You’ll see this in our recyclable, biodegradable and repurposed packaging and in our focus on getting you your food as efficiently as possible, in just the right amounts.

Join us on this journey and let us know how we're doing anytime:

[email protected]

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